Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I ran the bot today, 1st time for a little while i use betbotpro which in the right hands will work for someone who knows how to read Greyhound or indeed horse form (i dont) it is possible to back or lay selections.

anyway i laid favs only in dog racing, had my profit set at £8.00 and stop loss at £4.00 using 0.50pence stakes, as you can see from the image i achieved the £8 despite some minor losses, this is not the full picture as there some other wins and losses with profit achieved at 14.47. , i set recovery at a full 100% which is risky as stakes get bigger so hence the stop of £4

anyhows reason for running the bot us i am not long in from work, the football LFC/EFC has 4 minutes to go, not sure i can risk trading with little time left.

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  1. Hi Ron

    Interesting program, I will have a look at the website and research it further. The only thing I don't like about it is the loss recovery.

    A while ago I was laying the 3rd favourite horse for £2 stakes, subject to other criteria, and achieved 203 winning bets from 232 selections (87.5% accuracy). Of the 29 losses I had 2 consecutive losses on 5 occasions. This prevented me from applying a loss recovery as at my average loss odds of 7.0 it meant my liability would have been £84. Although throughout the test it didn't happen, to lose a third consecutive bet would have increased this to £576 and all at £2 stakes!

    I suspect that the accuracy level would need to be nearer to 95% for a loss recovery to be fruitful. Although I have not run the results with a 2 or 3 race loss recovery I suspect that it could be more damaging.

    Anyway, good luck with it, I'll be interested to see how you progress.