Monday, 9 February 2009

Todays dabble

Well despite the toothache that i have had for a couple of days now,i was at work had a late lunch and logged into my Laptop but only managed to run 1 trade !!! the Plumpton 2.35, i Layed wind instrument for £25 at 4.5, i then lost connection for a bout 1 minute or so, i log in via the works server to my laptop at home, anyway re-connection and the race in just going in play, the race started and the back odds were up on what i had laid for around 4.9, so i pressed the hedge button but got matched at 5.8 for £21.23, this left me with £3.77 on the other runners or £14.40 on Wind Instrument, i decided to just let it run and that was it 1 trade, i won £3.77


i then logged into Laypotpro deciding to just let that run for the remainder of the day, my settings were profit target £4.00, max loss £4.00, stakes £0.40, you can see the results in the attached photo, i ran as i tend to do when chasing a small profit and small loss limit with a 100% recovery, this was activated for the 19.27 at romford as it won, meaning i had to lay the next selection for £1.76 for odds of 3.85 luckily it lost, also the previous race at romford was voided even though it shows as matched due to the Bunny doing something funny..:)

cheers for now.

Dentist on Wednesday morning.... looks like its a tooth out Ochhhhh !

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