Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday + increasing ones bank as a percentage/compounded

Today started off well, taking in £2.72, then £8.01 from the 1st two races, then in the next the odds moved against me, so i took the loss of £3.96, a couple more of small profitible trades, another loss only bigger because i waited hoping the odds would drop in my favour, which they didnt, well at least this time i did'nt let it go in play as i had £100 "backed" on it at odds of 6.6, had i let it go in play i would have lost a lot more, as the horse fell.
So todays small profit was £7.29.

Want to Double your bank, i read another forum i frequent that in order to double your bank and you are aiming say for 2.5% percent compounded then it would take 28.8 days this is from the power of 72, 72/2.5 = 28.8

So with a 100 pound bank you would be looking at a 1st days profit of £2.5, 2nd day 2.56 ect, by the 28.8 or 29th day your profit target would be around £5.

Of course your daily target could be higher say 5%, 10% the rule is the same
72/5= 14.4 days, 72/10 = 7.2 days of course compounded daily.

Any ways cheers for now.

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