Thursday, 12 February 2009

Greed the old enemy

Well i started off well today, taking in £12 after 2 races however this was not to last as i traded on the 3rd race, i didnt realise how close to the off i was and backed for £100 with the intention of laying it off, of course the odds shot upwards and i decided to wait and see if they came in as the Horse was fancied (must have been a blind mans fancy) by the time i had decided to lay it i was looking at a big loss even after i hedged it was so long £65...

Hey ho lesson learned, should have closed the postioned immediately.

Oh well theres always tommorrow.



  1. Hey Ron, we all know what we should do but why don't we when the crunch comes?

    I was extremely lucky yesterday, you were not. I expect one day it'll be reversed.

    Anyway I'm absolutely sure you'll recover.


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I've notcied that unless they are strong odds on, all favourites drift before they win or lose, especially in NH racing.

  3. Hi ronnie,dropped the same bollock myself should of taught me a lesson, but its the old gambler in me that does it chin up mate.

  4. Cheers guys, Payslip we have all been there its not the 1st time i must admit, i guess we all think we are infallible at times.
    Its the 1st time i have done it for many a month only last time i lost many 100's of pounds.

    Hence i operate with a small bank so that i wont go "all in".