Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Todays P/L

Well i had an enforced day off, as my daughter was ill and had the day of school and as a single dad i had no choice, she spent most of the day tucked up in bed asleep, i decided i would have an afternoon on the Exchange, again using my small bank of £100 i managed to turn a days profit of £26.69 more than happy with that i traded a total of 11 races with 1 loss of -£1.75, i made a right hash of things and just cut out the loss.
I have had questions as to why my profits are small compared to others well?

as i state in my blog i am happy at anysize profit, i dont do this for a living,i dont need to, i have a well paying job last year i was some months taking £1000+ but found the tension of laying/backing with bigger stakes just too much so i would lose my concentration, i take my hat off to the guys that do this for a living, the only way i could head down that road would be if i were to become unemployed, then ion would consider this as a short term thing.

Also my P/L are the real thing...

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