Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I finsihed work early and traded from 3.00 o'clock onwards, had 1 nightmare of a trade in the 15.10 at Catterick at odds of 5.3 for £100 with what i thought 8 minutes before the off, placed a lay in for £100 at 5.2 only for the odds to shoot upwards i laid £100 at odds of 5.8 so a 5 tick loss, the odds continued to rise they were at 6.8 at one point, i quickly had a look at the betfair forum to see what was happening, it seemed catterick was running late due to an injury to a jockey, i had hedged accepting the loss of £8.62 across all runners i worked out there was infact 20 minutes before the off, so i decided to work and get the loss down as much as i could, i backed/laid a couple of times and managed to get it down to £3.88.

In the next race i managed to get a couple of ticks profit a couple of times, resulting a total profit of £12.27, swings and roundabouts springs to mind.

a couple of small wins there after and 1 small loss of 0.77p

Heres a good video from the badger



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  1. Nice going Ron. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your blog and also for the video link. Best of luck for the future.