Friday, 6 February 2009

Gadget boy :)

Well today i bought an add on module for BET-IE, i had been uming and ahhing about buying for a long time, it is called LAZ-IE Trader it has alerts which shows when a trade is going to drift or steam away, well it claims this in any case, by changing colour, giving a graphic and a numerical indication, i "trailed" it over many races not using any of my bank, i finally took the plunge on the last race at Wolves, i backed Changing of the Guard for £50 at odds of 4.4 this was after it had drifted out and the laz-ie was gving indications of a price drop which it duly did, i pressed the Hedge button and laid it at 4.0 for £45 giving me a profit of £5.

so now i have Bet-IE, Laz-ie, Fairbot, betrader, Bet Angel and a bot for full fautomation..... i do like my toys :) as i called my blog for FUN... then its only right i enjoy the toys....
looking forward to using the LAZ-IE for a whole day, i watched one runner drop as indicated from 12's to 7's

profit for the day a whopping £5.00 minus 0.25p commision bank was reset to £100 so a 4.75% which is by far better than the banks are now offering.




  1. Hmmm, is there a guarantee with the module, Ron? I'm a bit skeptical. It'll be interesting to see how it gets on. Seems to just work on the back then lay side. I've got Value Horse Finder but to my shame, haven't used it yet 8 months after shelling out for it. I have to say though that Dave & Nessie need to radically rethink the look and style of their products to become major players in the field. Looking forward to the progress reports!

  2. Paul, idont think there any guarantees, i odnt think any compnay could give you 1 when it comes done to trading on a betting exchange, it does work on the lay side only you have to read the signals differently, but as my bank hovers around the £100 mark i tend to back then lay as the amounts to lay would be smaller in comaprison, like you i do wish they would revamp the windows 98 look of bet-ie, i have used it to back/lay/dutch/trigger, my main wish is that the ladder function had a radical change, as i am in this game for fun and small/any profits, i thought it best to use a prgram i only have to pay for once, the others are good but buying Minutes/weeks or months does not appeal to me, a few bad days and any profits are used up paying monthly or for minutes on the other platforms.

    I'll certainly update as to how its performing,

    I odnt think i will be doing anything tommorow as weather permitting i will be at a footbal match.


  3. Hi Ron

    I always have some trust issues with too much automation and feel that the human touch of "gut feeling" is an excellent trading tool.

    However, I still find myself too cautious and I am looking forward to seeing how you progress with this particular gadget.