Friday, 23 January 2009

You cannot justify

Traded late on this evening at wolverhampton made a quick £8 scalping the 7.20, i then had a 25 minute interlude and started trading the 7.50 with about 2 minutes before the off, had a back bet in, then a lay 1 tick below waiting giving it 30seconds before i scratched the trade, then the lights went out !!! a power cut i am sitting in the dark, thinking christ now what>? i desperately seek my tan number but to no avail, i cannot access the internet as the broadband wifi is down, i find the tan number, get through to BF but the race has ended... Chalace welcome has come 2nd and thus i lose my bank... :( 100 smackers gone.. power returns 20 minutes later...
i have a UPS back supply which would drive the modem, the phone line has its own power so is/was uneffected and of course the laptop has a battery, however i never thought about hooking up the UPS until now, it will not happen again as i spent 2 hours doing just and testing it.. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
This is actually the 2nd time its happened to me :(

Bank now stands at £9.86, so its start afreash for me, luckily i had/have previous weeks profits to play with so will top up in due course.


  1. Been there wore the t-shirt, keep smiling

  2. Don't beat yourself up about it. It is all part of the crazy things that can happen in the course of gambling.

    Keep your confidence