Monday, 19 January 2009

Football football

I traded on the LFC v Everton match tonight, simple stuff started on the over 2.5 goals for a quick profit, back then lay, i then moved on by backing, laying, backing, laying as each trade was matched, i had other distractions (watching tv) so call a halt after 40 mins, with a profit of £21.38 unders or £20.30 on the overs.

I often wonder how much i could profit by had i traded with say £600 rather than £60, i guess a factor of 10 so £200+
but then again should things go against you, ie quick goals then disaster could happen, i'd much rather lose £60odd than £600.



  1. I agree with what you say about scaling up, the profits look nice but then the losses grow in proportion.

    I think the markets are all "truely" balanced at (almost) all times on betfair, i.e. backing 1/20 shots or at 1.05, you will get 19 right but then the 20th will send people back to zero. Over the course of time this is bound to happen - there is no real edge to backing short price favs long term. It makes you feel good for the 15 or so winners then it's back to the start when one goes against you.

    Well done on achieving your profits, it's good to see you keep an eye on whats going on so you can "get out" if you need to.

    Keep it up.

  2. Hi Ron. Well done on the profits and the blog. I see you use Bet-ie. How do you find it, compared to Bet trader or bet angel? I tried their trial but couldn't make head or tail of it, being used to BT. Have you any experience of their dutching ratings?

  3. Hi Paul,
    Both Betrader and Betangel win hands down over Bet-Ie as trading programs, the ladder interface is so much more advanced than Bet-LE, the green up function on Bet-ie is called equalise profits if you have worked into a profitable postion and wanted to green up, then it takes 2 actions a Back and a lay so is so much slower, that said it does offer a lot more as a betting interface, Lay/back dutching, Hedging (great for in running)Lay all a great feature imo and a trigger function, i only use it because i paid for it, as for the ratings they seem to do well however i never follow tips, prefering if dutching to do it myself.

    I hope the info helps if anything i just wish they would improve the ladder or include a trading ladder, have you tried fairbot>? they offer 15days free trial and is a fantastic piece of kit if not using bet-ie then i use this, ladder interface is good as is most of the other functions, dutching ect.

    Heres one of there races they have put up for dutching.

    Ratios for 13:00 MUSSELBURGH ~ Race to watch
    SEA STORM (10)
    ABOLITION (2) zero
    BESPOKE BOY (2) zero
    SIMPLE JIM (2) zero
    ART BANK (1) zero
    PONTOP (1) zero
    STROBE (1) zero

    3.25 Woody Waller***
    4 Sea Storm***
    8 Bespoke Boy***
    8 Pontop***
    9 Simple Jim***
    11 Abolition
    11 Best Horse
    17 Strobe
    21 Bumble Rose
    51 Art Bank
    51 Byron Bay
    51 Catai
    101 Dukesfield


  4. Cheers Ron. That's confirmed what I thought about it. Their trading module is daft looking and would be much better as multiple runner ladders. Isn't hedging the same as equalising profits (or losses)?

  5. Paul i guess your right, the hedging function i mentioned in the interface lays or back, then puts in the opposing bet in order to green up.
    i'd recommend fairbot, the ladder interface is as good as the market leaders.

  6. Hi Ronnie,

    Have to say you're going amazingly good for me. I started trading a month ago and still learning. I'd like to know what is your idea of trading over/under market in football. I thought about it many times but the only problem I see with this market is that everything depends on when the goal will be scored. And I think you never know when this can happen so isn't that kind of gambling? I wish to get into that market but afraid of losses if quick goal appears.