Thursday, 29 January 2009

Decided to try something different tonight.

I used Bet-ie to dutch Back the Field in the 8.50 at wolves, i reversed the odds and used my full £100 bank then it was just a matter of waiting to be matched see image of all macthed up, the bottom 2 outsiders i told Bet-ie to minimise losses, and you can see the most i can lose its 0.04p with £1.40 odd on the other 3, woohoo from placing the bets it took about 30seconds for all to be matched some 20 odd minutes before the off, although it was a winning "trade" i do think it may have been better if the favorite was a higher price.

Time is 8.44 i going to wait and see what happens i may end up losing 0.04pence should Jonnie Skull win.

I'll post up later the result and i am going to look at the last race to see if its a worthwhile "dutch"

RESULT Kiyari win by 3/4 of a length from Hold the Bucks.
Bank up by £1.37 after BF'S Commission :)

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