Monday, 12 January 2009

Not sure about today

Well i am at work as at 9.45, not sure about doing any trades later on during my lunch, i'll see how it goes later but i did have a look at the 1st race and i was tempted to lay the 1st race favorite and then "hopefully" green up later, if i do i will use the stop loss feature on Fairbot should the odds drop.

I'll update later.


  1. You could always phone betfair using your TAN code and layoff and green up that way if you connection fails

  2. Hi John,

    have done that once before last year i layed a horse as i given "information" that it was not ready :) layed for £100 at 18's it was doing well losing infact the odds were above 25's when we had a power cut just as i was about to back it, this was with 1/2 mile left i panic and thought the odds are going out, i'll phone BF and see abou getting a back bet in the race was over by the time i had gotten through and guess what>? It went and won the race due to a couple of runners fallen.
    A very painful lesson.
    i know have the tan code in my wallet and BF on speed dial.