Friday, 9 January 2009

Todays profits and loss

Well started of with some small stakes and getting some small profits locked in, then i had disaster at Lingfield when i trade during the day i have to use a program called log me in from work so that i can access my Laptop at home, i try and do this during lunch and breaks.
My Works PC blocks betfair so no other way around it well today our server went down just as i laid the winner at the lingfield for £7 resulting in a loss of £47.60.
When i got home i was determined to get it back and did so on greyhounds and football, taking £31.58 from the dogs and £15.09 from football, the dogs were hard work meaning i had a massive headache from the concentration in trying wingle out 2 or 4 ticks for stakes of £20/30.

Football i layed the over 3.5 goals for 3.00 and got out for 8's going back in after the 1st goal went in, getting out for profit (small) before the 2nd and 3rd goal went in, i then went onto the over 4.5goals laying 4.3 for £20 and getting out minutes later for a £4.80 profit.

going to have to stop doing trading from work as i could stand another diasater which is out of my control, i am missing evening racing i didnt realise there were none this week so my trading will be limited.

bank now at £171.55


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