Friday, 30 January 2009

I did a Yankee

i had no time today to trade out most of the day/evening but managed to do something i have'nt done for about 8 years and that was go into a bookies, crikey they have changed, anyways i did what i call fun bets a Yankee, a 0.50pence one guess what i got 3 winners so will be going back to pick up the winnings a treble and 3 doubles mind you most were short priced and after today will be a long time before i use a bookie again.

Trades planned tommorow Racing, Football and i am tempted to try Tennis i am sure theres a final either saturday or sunday so may have a go also the Super Bowl on sunday so if anyone has any pointers on how to please reply


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  1. Hi Ron

    I know what you mean about the bookies. I went into one, once, and felt like I’d gone into a Man Utd pub with a Liverpool shirt on...

    I used to do the Trixie, 3 selections in 3 doubles and a treble, on the weekend / midweek football with some success but opted to place it online with William Hill as it was much less intimidating.

    Good luck with the Tennis, I've not tried it myself yet.