Saturday, 31 January 2009

Easiest £33.34 i have ever made.

I had planned an afternoon of Racing and football, however my daugher and son had other ideas, drop son off so he could get the coach to Football early kickoff, ferry daughter round shops, pick up son when he returned and ferry daughter, also friends then called round thus ending all my plans.
Then went out for a little while On the way home i was listening to the Man U game, they had just scored before 1/2 time and i thought that it would be a low scoring game, when i got home it was still 1-0 with minutes left, i fired up the laptop and went straight to the over/under 1.5 goals as i knew the odds would be good, i decided to get in and old as soon as possible well, i had left the stakes stuck at £15 so i laid the overs at 3.1 for £15 3 times and 3.15 for £15, with minutes left the odds were rising sharpish which is why i wanted out quick as another goal would have closed the market, the odds ahd reached 7's in about 60seconds so i pressed the Autohedge for a profit of £33.34p, my son said i should have let it ride as it would have netted £60 less 5% BF commision, but thats a risk.. and i have been stung before with last minute goals.

was also disappointed to see theres no evening racing :( so i traded today for what around 10 minutes not a bad return.


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