Friday, 16 January 2009

For fun and profit

Bad day, took the afternoon off started trading taking in £1.09, followed by a loss of -£13.33, then a win of £4.46, i thought right then lets get back on track, but my ISP was playing up, infact it was like working on dial up, instead of saying enoughs enough, so this followed -£13.99, a win of £6.09, a loss of -£18.31 a £0 then a final loss of -£1.71.
So the day ended on a loss of -£35.77, i phone the ISP to ask what was going on and they tell me that my 8 meg had been reduced whilst BT did some work at the "Exchange".
This made it almost impossible to catch the price movements, infact the loss were only kept down due to me playing inrunning as the horses i had traded on i ahd backed 1st, none won :(

Oh well bank now stands at £64.33, i may top it back up the original £100 using last weeks profits of £150.

Tommorow is just another day,
tip always check you broadband 1st

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  1. Having fun reading your blog.Remember from small beginnings big things happen.