Thursday, 29 January 2009

Another dutch done

This was the wolverhampton 9,20 all selections matched, again dutching using reverse odds, max to win is £1.24 minimum is 0.10p

Riguez Dancer won :)

Not sure i could do this sort of thing on daily basis, but it seemed easier than trading in all honesty, again the odds of the favorite where low i may have another go when the odds are higher hoping to get more than a £1 odd, as there is always the danger of not being matched.



  1. Hi Ron, when you say you used reverse odds, what do you mean? Is it just viewing the available odds as they really are, ie; the lay odds on BF are actually other peoples back bets? Hope I made that clear...

  2. Hi Paul.

    Hmm reverse odds if the odds on offer are 4.2 back and 4.4 lay then the reverse odds will place a back odds of 4.4 rather than taking up the 4,2 on offer, i believe bet-angel has this option i have watched a bet-angel video showing peter doing just that to trade.
    i was goig to post up a video of Bet-ie doing it from thier site, but for some reason the site is down as is BET-IE itself so cannot log on, yet racing traders is fine, i hope they have'nt gone bump.

  3. Aye, that's what I meant, only expressed a lot better. Cheers Ronnie!