Sunday, 18 January 2009

AN experimental day and profitable day

Today i decided to "experiment" on various things.
1st race"experiment" i traded a 1/2 hour before the off i used my full bank of £80 backing 1st the 2nd fave for £80 at 5.5, then laying it off for £80 at 5.1, backed again at 4.9 for 80, laying it at 4.8 for 80, and finally laying it to green up manually for £9 at 4.6. for a profit of £9 on any winner or £7.60 on Vhujon, the result was Moguk Rugby won and netted me £9 less betfairs commision of 5%.

2nd one was the last race of the day, i had read elsewhere about "laying" at odds below 2.0 and if you were to get 2 matched then a profit was gurannteed, well i set up bet-ie to do just that lay all for odds of 1.90 in running i have placed a picture of the result, i waited till close to the end of the race to ensure that there were 2 or 3 close finishers, i manged to get 2 matched, Corlough Moutain @ 1.1 and Safin @ 1.5, the result was Corlough Mountain won netting me £18 less betfairs commision.

profit for the day £27.00 less 5%= 25.65 so bank now above £100 after yesterday and has recovered from fridays loss, so bank re-adjusted to £100.
So only 2 markets traded due to me having a busy day, but a good return, % wise.


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