Monday, 12 January 2009

Took the plunge

Well i took the plunge during my "extended" lunch break starting with the 1st race at Puncestown and finished at Fakenham at 14.20.
Todays total profit was £11.70, its profit for very little effort, 1st race i backed the 3d fav for £30 at 32's yes thats right 32! then placed a lay in at 28's this well before the off the odds were jumping around so i thought what the there was £80 at 36's and £120 at 34's then a gap down to 26, every now and then money would appear at the odds in between and was taken so i just joined in.

My bank is now down to £100, when i started out i had to decide if i was going to leave all the monies in BF, i decided not too prefering to stash it away in a savings account, that way i wont have the temptation use increasing large stakes or indeed lay at stupid odds, this way all i can ever lose is my original bank of £100.

Theres a program on BBC2 tonight called million dollar traders.
8 people are given 1million dollars, have 2 weeks training and have 2 months to un their own hedge fund, would'nt it be great if they gave me or you 1 million to trade with on Betfair :)


  1. Yes, I've started taking my laptop to work so I can get in 1hr's worth of betting/trading done in my lunch. I use use a Three Network USB Mobile Modem and suprising the speed of data flows ok through Bet Angel.

    What is the speed like using the Log me in program?

  2. Hi Rick,

    the logmein program is just like sitting in front of your own pc, the speed is surprisingly fast and the best bit is the pro version is free for a week or so, with that you listen to music or import/export files to and from the host pc, after the trial period it remains free just basic but you can run your programs and click just like at home, i would say the speed is better than a net work dongle.

    Give it a try


    Forgot to switch on my laptop this morning so no trading for me.