Friday, 9 January 2009

1st Post and welcome

Welcome to my blog, my 1st ever one.
I am hoping to show and share ideas with other sports traders how to successfully trade on the betting exchanges, mainly betfair.
I currently use Fairbot as my main trading application, i have yet to purchase it having the demo version which is good for 15 days, i have been using it for 5 days thus far and i am glad to say it offers me everything i would want for trading, I have also got or used Bet-Ie, Easy Trader pro and Laybotpro, the latter mainly being a laying or backing bot(not trading) a good piece of kit though.

I started out using Fairbot with a modest low bank of just £100, i trade pre-race using small stakes looking to take 1 or 2 ticks, happy to see a profit no matter how big or small my bank now stands at £152.46p achived in 4 days, this was from Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Soccer, there were some small losses too, these have to be accepted and managed.
Oh i only manage to trade 1 half day of the week, and evenings but can log in from work using a program called log me in, so less hours than most :(

I decided to completely revamp my style of trading, gone are the days of having liabilties of £1000+ in running as a layer and losing a hefty sum, i aim to build up slowly and increase my daily profits as the bank increases, i have a limit once achived where it will stay and wont be increased.

i am hoping to show others that trading small stakes can be fun/profitable and worthwhile.
I'll will start to update the blog as and when i have traded be it with a daily profit or indeed loss, i'll put up P/L figures from betfair and will tell you the stakes used as well as odds and stuff.

cheers for now.


  1. Hi ronnie,new to this trading lark myself,have not got a big bank about £80 any pointers would be much appreciated as i find myself going back to the gambling mentality and doing my bollocks,keep up the blog cheers mate playslip

  2. Hi

    First of all try and drop the gambling mentality i know i struggle, pointers >? oh heck if your are trading make sure you have a good program, easytrader pro, bet-ie or fairbot (which i use) they give a 15 day trial, i am still using it on my 7th day now think i will buy it at the end i cannot fault it.
    also find the videos on the racing traders site plenty of information there, seeing as the bank is small start small, ie trades of £10-30, take a loss if trading never let them run, get in and get out, hence my nickname 2 ticks.

  3. Hi ronnie,using bet trader pro at the mo,how much is fairbot and is it simple to use cheers playslip.

  4. You haven't updated the blog in a while, are you still at it?