Sunday, 1 March 2009

Man u v Spurs

If you have read this blog from early on, you will know that i am a single father to 2 kids, a son 16 and daughter almost 13, my daughter is a budding Gymnast, trains 3-4 days aweek, well today was another competition day for her and another 1st place,
so my trading was limited to the last 10 minutes of the Man v Spurs match in extra time, Having seen the players and how tired they looked it was obvious to me that there would be no goals, so i traded in the Extra time market working on the draw. my 1st trade was a back at 1.52 for £50.1 it should have been £190 but the odds went down leaving the rest un-matched, not having the nerve to let it run i laid at the next lowest odds which was 1.44 for £50.1, i then waited and placed further lays/backs, as can be seen in the Picture above, eventually greening up for a £22.24 profit on the draw or £20.74 on any other result.



  1. Well done ronnie,wish i found it that easy keep letting trades going in running and losing quite a lot of my bank, maybe i am just not cut out for this trading no discipline good luck mate.

  2. sorry Ron, had 2 blogs open at once and may have put a comment for the other one in yours. If so, please forgive and erase