Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Traded on the Murray/Fed final sunday morning, got in when fed was winning 2 nil i think only traded the last set. basically backing then laying on fed depending on how the serve was going, made a profit of £20 odd, then tonight i found there was a tennis match on some tour (i know nothing about tennis) i have posted up a screenshot again i am using the Geeks Toy, which is now my main trading platform, well only one, i again made a profit of £11.00 which took about 12 minutes, i will be using tennis a lot more in the future.

Horse racing has been very hit and miss for me, when i have been able to trade betfairs API has played up, got caught sunday, had laid a selection then was matched at the of at sp, but i was showing a potential loss of £72, i had to use betfairs grid to place a back bet in to reduce this loss, which i got down to £9 odd, luckily for me as the horse went on and won, i knocked it on the head and did something else, washed clothes/cooked etc.. :)

The API appears to have been stable today according to betfair forum/service announcements lets hope it continues as i am off work tommorow afternoon and possibly wednseday

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