Monday, 18 October 2010

Winter is almost here

And racing is now getting "harder" well in my opinion in that my trading opportunities are somewhat limited to just the evening races held on wed, thurs and Friday and this is just 1 meeting of say 7 to 6 races.
I will also do the odd saturday and sunday "football" permitting.

I now an almost 100% in-running trader, i read form and look for selections that i think will run well, i use fracsoft, racing post and a few other sites, i actually enjoy in-running despite its risks over pre race trading, if you are contemplating going in running always have a plan of an entry and an exit, i always back 1st usually in the last seconds before the off, with an exit based on my research on the selection.
I use the Toy and no other application as it provides me with speed and of course the hedge function, it does have graphs but i find then of no use to me as an in-runner, likewise there is no stop loss, i have one already its called my mouse and as a trader you must be willing to use it. :) to get out of a sticky situation

I will hopefully now that i have more time put up some of my selections and why i have actually picked those runners, i occasionally back a horse when i leave for for work and leave my lay in place with keep bets in place, currently i am looking at using a mobile for betfair mobile, i currently have a HTC phone but find that betfair takes and age to load up, as there is no app for it.

More later.

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