Sunday, 28 February 2010

1 weeks results

i have managed to do a whole weeks trading, now that the evening racing has commenced on weds/thurs/firdays also i have found new markets with the best for the week being Tennis which account for almost 50% of the profit achived.

Profit for the week was £250.72 and was made from the following markets
Greyhounds £9.97, Football £22.85, Tennis £111.35, Horse racing £106.55

Geyhounds was achieved over 6 days and to behonest was not easy, likewise the football, i made £13 of that today in a spainish match i had just laid the draw when the suspension came it was for ath madrid who had just scored against 10 men valencia, who monets later were reduced to 9 men, i let the odds shoot then traded out

I am still using the Toy, link to the right and spend most of my Internet time on the geeks forum, probably the reason for being away from the blog world :) the forum is helpful as all members are there to help each other, be they new people into trading or indeed experienced traders it really is a great place to be.

Stay lucky and green and i'll hopefullly have another week of trading to report


  1. Dear friend
    good that you have guided me
    i just down loaded the toy
    but iam not able to see any ladder
    can you guide me
    is it possible to dutch with this toy
    say the field or some contenders
    once again

  2. Easwaran, to get the ladder in view right click on the top of the grid, you will then see show ladder or on Market Navigator right click and select market default open and click ladder.

    Its not possible to dutch


  3. Also the Toy forum is good place for information.

  4. thanks Ronnie
    it is very kind of you
    to share your time
    in responding to my query
    thanks once again